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Let’s tap history on this one, Ponce de Leon was the first European known to have come to the peninsula. When he did so in 1513–searching for the Fountain of Youth that no one has yet found he arrived in spring. Florida has a long and interesting history. In 1521 he returned to establish a colony on the western coast of South Florida real estate, near today’s Fort Myers. This translated from the Spanish Pascua florida means “season of flowers.” The name, thanks in large part to the lush tropical vegetation, has stuck. Both the Spanish and the French made repeated attempts to settle both north and south Florida real estate over the next 50 years.

florida salvage yards Many people love to fix up cars as a hobby or business. If you’re looking to get into rebuilding cars, salvage cars are a great way to get started. You can often repair the car or take the parts to build a new car.

florida junk cars You can also look on the Internet because of the presence of auto parts that are made for performance and speed. These places usually have competitive pricing but you may not like the shipping rates that are with these online auto parts stores. This is the downside to ordering on the Internet as well as any other time that you may end up ordering your auto parts for your race car.

Special note: If you Baby Boomer Woman want to know about how much your auto repairs will be do the following: Find out just what items are needed to be replaced on your car. Make a list of needed item and go to Auto Zone and ask them to price the various of the same. Make sure that it is the best quality for you vehicle. Then add 33% for labor, not to include taxes, and that should give you a good ball park figure to work from. Then ask yourself is this car worth that much to you. Not the Kelly Blue Book value, but your value.

auto junkyard near me At first, there were just lions – lots of them – roaming free. Over the years – and this is a clue to the attraction’s success – the lions have been joined not only by giraffes, zebras and ostriches, but also by white rhinos, chimps, African elephants, hippos, alpacas, alligators and gazelles – to name just a few species from the wild.

I passed the Freemason monument and water fountain at the entrance to the city, and everything felt like it was clicking into place. “Keep your eyes open for the Quality Hotel,” I told my wife. “It should be right around here somewhere.” And there it was. Just as generic a hotel as I’d ever stayed in on any of my road trips. Cheap. Clean. Efficient. Easy to find. And located right where I needed it to be.

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